Sunday, November 23, 2008

Joy and Montelle were adopted!

I am happy to report that two of my foster animals were adopted this weekend. Well technically they were other people's foster animals, I was just "sub-fostering" them. Which means I got to have them live at my house for awhile, but I wasn't their actual foster parent who rescued them and did all the work getting them ready for adoption, not to mention fostering them for several months before I got them. Which really means that there are several of us who are very happy this weekend that Joy and Montelle found homes. :-) Joy, the Doberman Pinscher mix, was adopted to a family tonight. They met her at PetSmart yesterday, but their dog wasn't too sure about being at PetSmart so we couldn't tell for sure how her and Joy would do together. So I took Joy to their house tonight to see how they did, and the dogs did great together. They immediately started running around and playing, having a great time. Also, Montelle was adopted at PetSmart yesterday. I didn't get to talk to his new family very much since we were short on dog volunteers and it was pretty busy. Speaking of which, if anyone wants to come help out with dogs on Saturdays, we could use you!

I'm going to have to miss PetSmart next weekend due to family plans, so Noelle and Doobie, my two remaining fosters, will get an extra week before they get to go back to another adoption event. My husband is very happy about that - he is crazy about Noelle and doesn't want anyone to adopt her. :-)

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