Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rough weekend

I had a pretty bad cold all weekend, and didn't do much besides sleep and watch TV. I only wish I had been well enough to actually enjoy that! I did make it to PetSmart on Saturday, and fortunately we had two newer dog volunteers - Rhonda and Nancy, who were there to help out. I wasn't much help since I felt like I could barely stand up! They were a big help to our regular volunteers and we had four dogs that were adopted. Several small dogs - two puggles and a Westie mix - were adopted, which wasn't very surprising. Also, one of our longer-term fosters was adopted! Shirley, a cute medium sized mix dog, had been in foster care since she was a very young puppy. She finally found her very own home, and we were all excited about that!

None of my own fosters found homes - Joy spent most of the time barking at other dogs, and Noelle spent most of the time sleeping, so neither of them have mastered the adorable, pleading, "please adopt me" look that is so helpful for finding their own home. :-)

I am sad that I missed going to the Painted Pot on Sunday - I hope a lot of you made it out to support Heartland and had a good time in the process.

Oh, on Friday I went and had my friend Angie (HHS President and writer of the cat blog!) take pictures of some of my fosters. Many of our pets are adopted after they are seen on web sites like adoptapet.com or petfinder.com. The photos and bios are what often draws people in to meet these animals, so I jumped at the chance to have Angie take pictures of my fosters. She's a great photographer, and has her own website, so check it out at http://www.kitcatphotos.com/. She got some great pictures of Noelle, Joy and Doobie for me. Hopefully that will help them get adopted a bit quicker.

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