Thursday, November 6, 2008

Update on Noelle and Rudy

Noelle just completed her first obedience class! It was more of an evaluation actually. The trainer, from Positive Paws Pet Training ( was very nice and I'm really looking forward to working with her. Next week we start our first official class of the four week program.

It has been really quiet with no other fosters except Noelle and Doobie right now. But not for long - one of my old fosters is coming back to visit for a week! Rudy (previously named Ray - sorry Mom, I know you hate when their names change) is a Pekingese that came from a breeder several months ago. He has some problems with his eyes, and so he has been in foster care ever since we took him in. I had him at my house for a short time, but couldn't devote the time he needed to care for his eyes, so another Heartland volunteer took him home. She has been caring for him and spoiling him rotten. :-) I am going to get to keep him for a week while she is out of town, and I can't wait to see him again!

Also I will be missing the adoption event at PetSmart on Saturday because I'm going to see about another dog who needs help. Sammy is a pit bull puppy at a municipal shelter who is almost out of time. I first saw him at the shelter several weeks ago when I got Noelle. He was such a sweet dog, and he looked at me and did this little happy dance, and I fell in love. I hated to leave him behind, but I had too many other fosters at the time and couldn't take him. Now that some of my fosters have been adopted, I'm hoping to foster Sammy if he still needs it. He had a family interested in him and they are going to visit him Saturday morning, so if that works out he won't need me. But if they don't adopt and he is out of time, I will probably bring him back home with me on Saturday.

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