Sunday, November 30, 2008

Update on previous fosters Lacy and Selena

I heard from the lady who adopted Lacy tonight. Lacy is a basset hound/beagle mix who I fostered in September/October. She is doing wonderful in her new home!! Also Selena, one of my early fosters who I had for quite awhile, came to PetSmart a week ago for dog training classes and stopped by to visit me. Selena's picture is at the top right of the page, from last winter. She is also doing well - still a lot of energy, but she is very much loved by her new owner and I know the feeling is mutual. It's so nice to hear success stories like these.

I wasn't able to be at adoptions this past weekend, but I heard that we had three dogs go home! Kodiak is a beautiful all-white Siberian Husky who went to a home with some other huskies (and people, of course). Chili is a very sweet chocolate lab puppy - she was my favorite of the litter of 5 that we have, and as expected, the chocolate lab was adopted prior to her four black lab siblings. And the third dog, Miya, was a cocker spaniel/long-hair chihuahua mix, and the cutest dog ever (except for maybe Dash - a dog belonging to one of the cat fosters). I like to think of Miya a little bit as mine, because I picked her out at a high kill shelter and that's how she became a Heartland dog. I had too many fosters at the time so another volunteer took her to foster. She got a ton of applications when she was put on the website, and she went to a great home. So it's great news that three more dogs were saved this weekend.

I'll be bringing home Duncan, my new chocolate lab puppy, tomorrow to start fostering him. I can't wait to see him again - I will take pictures of him soon!

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