Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tulsa was returned, new foster blog!

First, I am excited to share with you a new blog written by one of our new foster volunteers. This is an amazing blog - the volunteer is a great photographer and writer, and has recently taken in and started fostering both cats and dogs - hooray! Even her blog name is so creative - I'll admit I'm jealous of her talents, but so happy to have her be a part of Heartland. In addition to her creative skills, she's just a very nice person who I really enjoy volunteering with. Check out her blog - Almost Home.

Now, for the sad news - Tulsa, the deaf Australian Cattle Dog that I fostered almost a year ago, has been returned. Her owner loved her very much, but she moved in with another family member and is unable to keep Tulsa any longer. So, last night Tulsa came back to my house. She is staying with me for at least a week, and then she may go back to her original foster home after that. Tulsa had a hard time at my house when she was here before. She loved to play, and since she was a herding dog, she spent a lot of time nipping at Remi - I think she thought he was a cow (he does look like one, you know). Anyway, she was kind of hard on him, so I wasn't able to keep fostering her until she was adopted last time - she went to a foster home without any cows (or Great Danes) and did much better there. I'm hoping that maybe this time will be different and I can keep her a little longer. So far, she is settling in fine. She loves to play with Noelle and with Duncan, and seems to remember being at my house before, so hopefully the transition won't be too difficult for her.


DogTired said...

Aww, thanks for the props, Laurie, but your blog inspired mine so you deserve them tenfold!

I don't know if you know that, way back when, when Tulsa first came to Heartland, I really, really wanted to adopt her. We'd just lost our cattlehound to cancer. That she was deaf wasn't at all the stopper; we just weren't quite ready after the loss and Tulsa looks sooo much like our Scout.

So, I'm both sorry she's returned and a bit excited to get to see her again!

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog! Bookmarked :)