Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Adorable puppies

I went to one of the other foster volunteer's homes yesterday to play with puppies. They will be ready for adoption this Saturday, and I think Duncan will have a hard time getting a home with these adorable puppies for competition! I can understand why - every time I picked up a different one, that one immediately became my favorite! So here are the 10 adorable puppies waiting for a home...

Cheerio - the cutest of the bunch probably - this little guy will go quick!

Roxanne - Rottweiler mix - kind of looks like a little itty bitty Rottweiler, and she's so sweet!

Polly - she is the most outgoing, very eager to meet new people!

Ozzie - Black Lab mix - all black and not as furry as his siblings will make him harder to adopt, but he's so sweet and loving - hopefully someone will see that and pick him first!

Joey - the foster mom says he looks like Australian Cattle Dog puppies look, so that may be what he turns out to be mixed with. He's just adorable, whatever his mix is.

Guinea - this little guy looks like his brother Joey - but when he was smaller, he looked more like a guinea pig. :-)

Cobbler - the biggest of the bunch, possibly a mastiff mix. I love the cute wrinkles on his face.

Chewie - another adorable puppy - possibly Australian Shepherd mix.

Buster - a cute little fuzzy, soft puppy

Barbie - The female version of Buster!
Now you can understand why Duncan will have some serious competition for the next few weeks at PetSmart! :-)


Anonymous said...

hi. all of these puppies are so very cute but im interested in the smaller breeds. could you tell the breeds of all the puppies? thanks. if not, thats okay. :)

Anonymous said...

These puppies have all been adopted now, but you can check out www.petfinder.com to find some puppies that are the breed you are looking for.

Anonymous said...

cobbler looks EXACTLY like a dog I just adopted. They are an IDENTICAL match. Do you know what kind of mix cobbler is?

Laurie said...

No, we have no idea what kind of dog Cobbler is. It's hard to tell when they're so young sometimes, and a mix of several different breeds. Congratulations on your new dog!

Anonymous said...

I literally just spend TWO hours reading through 2008!! Haha. I love all the fun info and what you write. I just recently started my own blog on the foster dogs and their antics when I started back in the fall. It's changed our world!!

How'd you go so quickly from saying 1 dog to saying ... hmmmmm, I love you come home with me and we'll find you a home?!?! Ha. When I first started, it was to get my Pebbles a playmate - and now I have two (but Abbi was never a foster). I was always told to set a limit and not exceed it - but I know I will.

Happy day!

Anonymous said...

hey i was looking at pictures of cute puppies on google and i saw cobbler... with the time frame and his age and his unique markings i think i may have ended up adopting him from a local vets office not 100% sure but that looks darn close! message me sometime i'm on facebook Tailon Wolf on face book