Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lot of adoptions!

It was a great Saturday at PetSmart - we had a LOT of dog adoptions! Two of the most exciting ones were Lily and Scout. Lily is a wonderful adult dog who has been in foster care for a long time, so we were all very excited that she found a home. And Scout has also been waiting a long time. He was born in foster care in the Spring, and because he and his siblings are all going to be very large as adults, they had a hard time finding homes. Now only Cody is left from that litter of puppies to still need a home. We also had several other puppies from other litters who were adopted, so it was a very happy day for the Heartland volunteers, not to mention those dogs who found new homes!

I took Tulsa to PetSmart, but she was not adopted. She tends to bark a lot while she's at PetSmart, so that makes her harder to adopt out. So she's back at home with me now, and having a good time playing with Duncan and Noelle and Remi. Doobie, my foster cat, also spent the day at PetSmart but was not adopted either, so he'll have to try again next week.

Huge thanks to the Girl Scouts, who did another supply drive for us yesterday. Also thank you to everyone who donated! The doggies really appreciate all the toys and treats - and the foster parents also appreciate the donations!!

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Ryan said...

We just fostered our first starting last week. She's wonderful and has perked up considerably with just a few days of love, care and attention. Like many, hers is a sad story, but it will have a happy ending.