Saturday, December 27, 2008

Doobie was adopted!

Great news - my previous foster cat Doobie, who went to another foster home earlier this month, was adopted! His foster family fell in love with him and decided to keep him, so he now has a wonderful new home with them, and will never have to go to another new place again.

Also, Bugsy is now staying up at PetSmart, so people will see him during the week and hopefully he will find a home that way. I miss him, but its kind of nice to have a few days with no cats in the house. I have plans to take two more cats in sometime later this week probably.

And here are some new pictures of my current dogs...

Here is Tulsa using Remi's front legs as a pillow.

Here is Remi drinking out of his water dish, and Duncan drinking out of his water dish underneath.

I show you these pictures, so that when you see the next pictures, you'll believe me when I tell you all the dogs get along great and they were just playing!! :-)

Here is a picture of all the dogs trying to see how long they had to all bark at the same time before I lost my mind. In case you're wondering, it didn't take long!

Here's another picture of the dogs playing. I think Duncan's whole head would fit inside Remi's mouth!

Here are pictures from PetSmart today. This is normally a very slow week for adoptions due to the holidays, and the stormy weather all day didn't help! It was very quiet, and Duncan (on the left) and Noelle (on the right) both had a lot of time to nap.

Tulsa, on the other hand, doesn't do well at Petsmart. She barks loudly at every dog she sees - even her friends that she lives with. She has to stay covered up to keep her from barking non-stop, but as you can imagine, that doesn't get her much attention. There is Tulsa, behind the crate with the striped blanket on it. You can't actually see her in this picture, but she's there.

Not surprisingly, no one even looked at her today. A few people looked at Duncan, but he wasn't adopted. However it was Noelle's special day - she received two applications for adoption! We have to wait and make sure that her new family can have a pit bull mix, since some insurance companies don't allow them, but hopefully she will be getting adopted within the week. Well, I hope so for her sake, but I will really hate to see her go.
Here is a picture of Duncan and Tulsa, sleeping after they got home. Adoption days usually tire them out - even though they're stuck in their crates most of the time we're at PetSmart, they still use a lot of energy checking out all the excitement of new people and new dogs, so Saturday nights they usually sleep well. Here they stretched out for a nap at my feet while I typed on the computer.

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