Friday, December 12, 2008

Introducing Bugsy, New Pictures

Here is my newest foster cat! He has a very interesting story. We got a call from someone who used to foster for Heartland - a cat had come out of nowhere and went running into her house when she opened the door one night! He is a brilliant cat - he picked the house of someone who would take excellent care of him! Once I was able to make room for him, I brought him home and immediately decided I would call him Bugsy (have you noticed his very large eyes - he's kind of bug-eyed). :-) Bugsy is a wonderful cat - he is friendly and affectionate and does well with other cats and is not scared of the dogs! Tomorrow will be his first day at PetSmart trying to find a permanent home.

I will admit to being a lousy photographer, so I had a friend come over and take pictures of Bugsy and my other fosters for me. You can read about it here: Almost Home

Here are some of the other pictures she took of my pets:

This is Remi, my own dog. We adopted him when he was 1 1/2 years old, and he's the one who got me into fostering in the first place!

Here is Noelle - This is a great picture of her, but I must admit she's not exactly the cutest dog in the world. :-) Of course she makes up for it with her wonderful temperament, but I can understand why the applications aren't just pouring in based on her picture alone. :-)

Next is Tulsa, the cattle dog. I love the picture of her smiling!

And last is Duncan, the chocolate lab puppy (and that's me with him in the 2nd picture). Isn't he adorable?!

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