Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Introducing Duncan; Re-introducing Tulsa

I took some quick photos of my newest fosters this morning. First, here is Duncan. He is a small puppy, but as usual he looks a lot bigger in my pictures. He is doing pretty well - he loves to play with the other dogs. This morning I was out with just him and Tulsa, trying to take some pictures, and of course they only wanted to play together. Tulsa enjoyed running in circles around the yard, while Duncan would run around behind her, whining the entire time and trying to catch her. Poor little puppy is so starved for attention, and for food. He gulps down as much food as he can, as quickly as he can, like he doesn't know when or if he'll get another meal. He also doesn't like to go outside without me. Even when the other dogs are out there, if I don't stay out with him, he whines and cries to come back inside. I can't blame him though - he's had such a rough start to life, never knowing if anyone will be there to take care of him, or if he's going to be left to fend for himself again. He's only 3 months old - much too young to handle what he's been through. But the good news is, he is young enough to overcome his past experiences and still become a happy, healthy dog. He loves people, and enjoys being next to me whenever he gets the chance. I am hopeful that he will start to feel safer soon, and know that he will always get plenty of food and attention and love for the rest of his life.

Next up is Tulsa, my newest foster. She is so affectionate and loving. She's been sleeping on the bed with us every night, and gets along great with the other dogs. She is back to her old tricks of stalking and trying to sneak up on the other dogs, then wanting to play tag with them. Here is her stalking Duncan this morning..

I know its been hard for her to readjust to life as a foster dog - she's been through two families so far, not including her time between in two different foster homes, and now back to my house. So its no surprise that she is starting to show a few signs of separation anxiety - not wanting to be left alone. But she is so loving and affectionate. I am hopeful that we can find another permanent home for her quickly, so she doesn't have as hard of a time adjusting to yet another home.
And last, I'd like to introduce my very favorite puppy (don't tell Duncan though)... this is Bree-Ann. She is one of the seven Australian Shepherd puppies we have right now. The first time I saw her, I fell in love with her. She has five blue merle siblings, and one black and white sibling, but she is the only all black dog in the litter. Despite this, I don't think she'll take too long to get adopted - she is just adorable! As soon as I met her, I asked her foster mom if she wanted to have one less puppy to take care of - after all, there were plenty of them! :-) I really wanted to take her home and foster her, but then Duncan came along and I couldn't leave him behind. So she is still with her other siblings, and they'll be making their first trip to PetSmart this weekend. Anyway, I just adore her and wanted to share her picture with those of you who haven't seen her on the Heartland website.

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