Sunday, March 15, 2009

Boo is back

Boo, my foster pit bull puppy, was returned yesterday. Since she is a "pit bull", she is discriminated against by various insurance companies, subdivisions and condo associations, and entire cities. They don't even know her, they've never met her, but they've already decided she is dangerous and shouldn't be allowed to live there. Poor Boo - she's such a well behaved puppy and would never hurt anyone, but she's not given a chance. The wonderful family who adopted her last week found out that their city doesn't allow pit bulls. They couldn't stand the idea of her being taken from them and impounded if the city found out they had her. I am glad that they loved her enough to give her up to a family who will be able to safely keep her without someone coming and taking her away. I know it was really hard on them to give her up, and I am so sorry that they had to make that choice. I am hoping they will find another Heartland puppy to fall in love with. And I am hoping that there are still some homes out there who aren't restricted from adopting such a wonderful dog as Boo, and that she finds a new home soon.

None of my foster animals found homes this weekend, but we did have a lot of other exciting dog adoptions on Saturday at PetSmart. Brandy, a shepherd mix who is always very happy and gets along with everyone finally found a new home after waiting a very long time. Also, Peanut Butter and Sidney, both golden retriever mixes, and Harvey, the biggest black lab mix I've ever met, were all adopted on Saturday. So four adult dog adoptions was very exciting!

A few people even looked at Noelle on Saturday. I was hopeful she'd find a home, but no luck yet. My husband is happy - he adores that dog. It was so cute this morning... my husband had been in the basement, so he left the lights on down there, and when he came upstairs Noelle was looking the other way and didn't know he came up (she can't hear him, remember). So she thought he was still downstairs, and as soon as I let her out of her crate after she finished eating, she headed straight for the basement. All the other dogs followed me outside, but she went the other way and went from room to room in the basement looking for Dave, her tail wagging, looking so excited. I could just see how disappointed she was when she couldn't find him. They are really cute together. But I hope she gets adopted soon so she can start bonding to her new owners. There are so many pit bulls out there who need help, and as long as I have Noelle I don't have room to save any more hard to adopt pit bulls. She is doing so well now - she's over her mange, and her button tumor is gone and the hair has grown back, and she's housetrained finally, so I am hoping that all of that will make it easier for her to find a home!

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Lisa said...

Poor Boo!! And poor family!! It's really too bad that they are victims of such ignorance. Blanket bans of breeds like this are so unjust. Judging on a case by case basis would be so much better. My heart goes out to everyone involved.