Saturday, March 7, 2009

Boo was adopted!, Introducing Oscar

Today was a good adoption day. My foster puppy Boo was adopted. She now has a great family and a wonderful future. Two of our other Heartland dogs were also adopted at PetSmart... Sampson, a black lab, and Dallas, a lab/border collie mix, both found new homes today.

Yesterday I made a trip to a shelter to pick up one of our Heartland dogs that had been dropped off there. We always ask people to let us know if they can't keep the dog or cat they adopt from us, but sometimes that doesn't happen. In this case, the dog was adopted from us many years ago, and two years ago he was given away to another family, who then recently turned in the dog to a shelter when they could no longer afford to keep him. I am only keeping him temporarily until he gets checked out by the vet later this week, and then he will be going to another foster home. But I'm really enjoying having him around right now! This is Oscar:

Oscar is a basset hound, approximately 8 years old. He is a very nice dog. Here is Oscar greeting my dog Remi.

I also have pictures of Zeke, my newest puppy now. Zeke is around 10 weeks old, and he's probably a bassett hound mix. He has the long body and short stubby legs and big feet just like a bassett hound, but his ears aren't quite long enough, so he's mixed with some other kind of hound I think. He also has the basset hound bark!

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Anonymous said...

Laurie, Ginger and I are so glad to hear that Boo got adopted!!!! We seriously were ready to change ins.companies atleast 10 times since you and her were at our house. I really hope things work out well for her.....but believe me we are still sad it wasn't with us!!

The Alber's