Sunday, March 22, 2009

Update on Boo...

I just spoke with someone about Boo, then looked at my blog and realized I don't have any recent posts about her! So here are some pictures of Boo, taken by a good friend and awesome photographer (from

I realized today that the spots on her ears are becoming darker - originally they were sort of light brown and now they're becoming black. She's also getting so much bigger - it's hard to believe she was only 4 pounds when I got her! And strangest of all, she's becoming much more laid-back than before. Originally she would never settle down - now she climbs up by me on the couch to cuddle with me while the rest of the dogs play! I'm not complaining - she's a very good cuddler. She also likes to sleep under the covers, with just the tip of her nose sticking out. I wonder if its just because she's trying to stay warm - whatever it is, it's so cute!
The other dogs are also doing well... Noelle fell off the couch a few days ago, and I'm still laughing about that! She was zooming around the room, and ran full-force across the room to jump on the couch, like she usually does - ready to turn around and have the "high ground" to play with my dog Remi. But instead she was going too fast, and just kept going right over the top off the couch and fell on the floor on the other side - she learned a lesson in physics I guess. :-) Lucy goes to the vet on Tuesday to be spayed, so she should be ready for adoptions on Saturday, I hope.

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krazycatlady said...

I couldn't believe how much she grew, I can't wait to take more pictures of her!