Sunday, March 22, 2009

Zeke, Princess Rana and Kiwi were adopted!

Three of my fosters found homes on Saturday! Kiwi, my foster cat, was adopted first - a family fell in love with her affectionate personality and adopted her first thing on Saturday morning. They are prepared to keep her on her special diet if needed, and they seem like a really good home. Next, Princess Rana, went home. She is the first of the three Desert Lynx/Pixie Bob cats that I took in several weeks ago to find a home. It was her first time up at PetSmart, and her new family was there shopping, and when they saw her, the kids promised to give up their allowance if they could only take her home. She'll have kids and a small dog to play with, and as long as her family is patient and gives her time to settle in, I think she'll also do great in her new home. And last but definitely not least, my foster puppy Zeke was adopted. He is so adorable, I knew he would go quick, and I'm very sad to see him go, but I was very happy that he went to such a great home. I was very fortunate that even though I lost three much-loved foster animals this week, they all went home with people that I felt really good about. The family who adopted Zeke has adopted from us before, and they are one of those families that will do anything for their pets - the kind that treat them as family members, not just animals. I've already talked to Zeke's family and heard how well he is doing, and that makes giving him up so much easier.

We had a lot of dogs available for adoption this weekend, and it was surprising that only Zeke and Shiloh, a beagle, were adopted. There were four other adorable puppies, and several adults including two bichons, a lab, a beagle, a cattle dog mix, an australian shepherd mix, a border collie mix, and of course Boo and Noelle as well. I think there were other dogs there that I am forgetting also! Hopefully next week more dogs will be adopted.

Since I was busy running back and forth with the dogs most of the day, a few of the cat foster volunteers helped me with my adoptions for Kiwi and Princess Rana. I am very grateful for their help - Heartland has such a great group of people - if you're looking to make new friends and find a place where you can make a difference, consider volunteering!

Also don't forget our Heartland Spring Trivia Night is coming up on April 4th!

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