Thursday, March 5, 2009

Introducing Shiro, Una, Princess Rana and Zeke

Please don't tell my husband, but I brought home three more fosters last night, and am getting one more tonight! I'm thinking I can go awhile without him noticing the three new cats. The little hound-dog puppy might be a bit harder to hide though.

Shiro, Una and Princess Rana came from a lady who rescued their pregnant mom from a backyard breeder in Arkansas two years ago. The kittens were born in her care, and they are now a little over two years old. She's not able to keep them anymore so I offered to take them and find good homes for them. The cats are 1/2 Desert Lynx and 1/2 Pixie Bob. For those of you who aren't familiar with cat breeds, they basically just look like large gray tabby cats, and are supposed to act more like dogs than cats. Right now they are all three hiding in the spare bedroom, and they are much better at hiding than most cats I bring home. The room is not that big, and while there is a lot of stuff in there, it's not easy to find a good hiding place, so most cats end up just hiding under the futon. These cats are more inventive though. Two of them have hollowed out little cubbies behind the books on the bookshelf and it took me a very long time to locate them. The third one is even better at hiding - I have no idea where she's at! I am trying to entice them out with some canned food but so far they've only come out when no one is around to use the litter box and go right back to their hiding places. I am hoping they start to feel safer soon and come out to see me!

In addition to the three cats, I am bringing home a little hound-mix puppy tonight. I saw him when I was there last week, and he wasn't ready to go yet when I got Lucy, but today is his final day and the shelter called to see if I could come get him tonight, so I'm heading there right after work. I think I'm going to name him Zeke, and I will post pictures of him soon!

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