Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ariel & Aladdin were Adopted; Frazier

Two of my kittens were adopted this week - Ariel and Aladdin from the Disney litter found homes. I've been busy taking care of my fosters, so another volunteer has agreed to write something to keep you all entertained. :-) Here is a post about one of my favorite Heartland foster dogs - Frazier!

Frazier is a one year old Plott Hound / Beagle mix. He was found as a stray and had a broken leg. It turns out it was not a simple break – but a break at the head of his femur, requiring surgery to allow Frazier to keep his leg.

He has recovered from the surgery well, but he had lost a lot of muscle in the leg before he was rescued. Now he must go through a period of rehab to re-build the muscle and gain strength in his leg. A very kind friend of his foster mom told her about Healing Paws Rehab. She had taken her own dogs there and was very impressed with their program. She donated the first three visits to help get Frazier’s treatment underway.

As you can see he walks on the underwater treadmill to exercise the muscle as he walks against the resistance of the water. They also taught walk on the treadmill and he does it in his foster home every day as well.

Frazier will need about 6 weeks of rehab therapy. If possible, please consider donating to his care.

Frazier is a very friendly, happy little guy. He loves everyone and gives the best kisses ever. He is so cute when he picks up the morning paper to carry it into the house. He is cratetrained and housetrained. He will be available for adoption as soon as he builds a little more muscle in the leg.

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