Friday, June 12, 2009

Mercury, Venus, Sedna; Outtakes

I took some new pictures of Mercury, Venus and Sedna, my Solar System kittens, for the website. Mercury is so affectionate, he'll never leave me alone to let me take his picture, so here I took a picture by holding up the camera in one hand and pointing it at him, and trying to crop my face out of the picture. It was the best I could do! I can't help it that he loves me so much. :-)

Venus is so sweet. She has a bladder infection so she is on antibiotics right now, and she has to go back to the vet next week to get rechecked out. Even though she probably doesn't feel good, and doesn't like her medicine, she's always purring.

Sedna has the coolest tail. It's ringed, kind of like a raccoon. In this picture she's sitting on an awesome scratching post made by the Girl Scouts. All of the kittens love it - thanks Girl Scouts!

And now for some fun, silly pictures! Here Sedna is trying to grab a feather toy that I'm swinging in front of the camera - she's not really picking on her sister like it appears. At least not deliberately.

Remember Emma, my Newfoundland foster dog? She managed to put a nice big hole in her PetCot pet bed before she was adopted. The company said they can repair it, but since I haven't brought it in to be fixed yet, it's just sitting in the extra bedroom leaning against the wall. The kittens seem to be enjoying it the way it is...

In the other bedroom, Pip is living with Cilla, Capri, Chessie & Cabbie, and they all get along great. I swear he thinks he's a cat - he runs and plays just like they do, and they all wrestle together. He just can't figure out how to climb on top of the ex-pen or the bed like the kittens do.
Here's Pip playing with the feather toy while Capri chases the string. Puppies and kittens are so entertaining!

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