Monday, June 1, 2009

Introducing Kai

Rags the puppy has gone on to his permanent foster home, and now I have a new short-term foster dog. Her name is Kai, and she is the sweetest puppy. She's the kind I always fall for - the ones that are so sweet but so scared of the world. She's afraid to go through doorways, and afraid of being on a leash, and afraid of loud noises. But she loves to cuddle and I'm hoping she gets over her fears soon and realizes that she is safe now. I'm only supposed to have her for a few days - dog-sitting for her permanent foster mom - but I might try to hold onto her a little longer. She's one of the special ones that I'd adopt for myself if there was any way that I could.
Here's a short video of Kai, and a 2-second clip of Noelle on the end. Noelle likes to jump up onto the hot tub cover, and I just happened to catch her on video trying to jump up and not quite making it. :-)


Anonymous said...

kai is precious. She is an exact "splitting image" of "Emily", a foster dog from years ago, that went to a loving, adoptive home.

Mom said...

I love seeing the video of the dogs. I hope to see more.