Monday, June 1, 2009


On Saturday we took several dogs to adoption events. Some went to our regular PetSmart location, and others went to the Petropolis Pet Carnival. Unfortunately most of the dogs didn't have much luck either place. We had three puppies adopted - Daniel, Brook and Buddy, but no adults.
We did have a good time at Petropolis though. They broke the record for the Guiness Book of World Record's Largest Mass Dog Wedding, with 184 doggie couples being married. It was fun, and we even married off three of our rescue dogs. Noelle and a few of the other dogs we brought decided they wanted to stay single, but Drake, Dash and Degan were all willing to be a part of the big event. On the left is Drake and Degan being married, and on the right is Dash being married to Bailey. The original plan was to have Degan and Dash marry each other, because they're play buddies who love to wrestle and play together. But then we didn't make it to the Speed Dating area for Drake, so we were trying to find someone for him to marry, and found Bailey, another guest's dog who was looking for her soulmate. Bailey is a female version of Dash. It's hard to tell in this picture, but she looks a lot like him - another red merle Cattle Dog mix. They looked so cute together that we did arranged marriages for Bailey and Dash, and ended up marrying off Drake and Degan to each other. They didn't seem to mind the last-minute change of plans - they were too excited about walking down the aisle and being on TV! And I have to admit, this is probably my one and only chance to play a part in breaking a record for Guiness, so I had fun too walking Dash down the aisle next to Bailey. Hopefully some of our photographers who were there will post some pictures on their blogs soon (hint, hint) so you can see more of the event. :-)

In addition to the dog wedding, we also sold t-shirts as a fundraiser for Heartland. The shirts were quite popular, and we only have a few left. If you're interested in one, please stop up at PetSmart on Saturday between 11am and 4pm and ask one of the Heartland volunteers to purchase one. Here is the design on the front:

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