Thursday, December 3, 2009


Things I have learned about Bella in the past week:

a)  She's very smart.  She taught herself how to climb over the baby gate to get to the cat room.

b)  She's definitely deaf.  She can sleep through anything.

c)  She has a lot of energy.  This leads her to run in circles around whatever dog is nearby, and then usually ends with her jumping on their back. 

d) She loves to play.  Tug of war seems to be her current favorite.

e)  She has a very loud, high-pitched bark, and she's not afraid to use it.  Often.

f)  The spot over her eye makes one eye look bigger than the other.  It's not.  I measured.

g)  She likes to chase cats.  She's also willing to let them chase her.

h)  She's a good cuddler.  She likes to lay in my lap while I write blog posts.

i)  She also likes to lay on top of the air vents whenever the heat comes on. 


Anonymous said...

She's a cutey! Tug seems to be the favorite game of all Boxers, I think it is their blood. Most Boxers I know don't bark much so maybe she'll grow out of it. She'll still want to sit on your lap when she's 65 pounds, mine does.

Wish I could let her play with my Boxer boy, they'd have a ball wearing each other out.

Amanda said...

"It's not. I measured." HAHAHA! Too funny, I can just picture someone holding a measuring tape to a rambunctious pups eye with them wiggling everywhere. =)

BerniceK said...

ok when do I get to come over and see this adoreable (sp?>???) boxer.