Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Introducing Simon and Sampson

They are brothers.  I call them the Salmon brothers (silent "L"... like the fish).  Simon is the gray cat, and Sampson is orange.  We keep having contests to see which one is friendlier, but so far no clear winner has been determined.  Last night Simon slept on my pillow and Sampson was my foot-warmer.  These are ultra-friendly cats. 

And in case you are wondering, yes, they are hanging out in a sink.  Due to Simon's vision problems, I wanted to put them in a room without a lot of furniture.  I was told that Simon is blind.  So I didn't want him to be bumping into things more than necessary.  I thought the master bathroom, with its bright, open space and large window to let in a lot of light, would be a great place for the Salmon brothers.  Especially since my husband wouldn't be home for a week, and it would give them time to settle in.  They pulled a towel into the bottom of the sink and found their favorite spot to sleep.  Nevermind the cat beds in there.  The sink is apparently more comfortable.  Fortunately we have dual sinks in there, and they made themselves comfortable in my husband's sink.  Don't tell him, and he'll never know.  I think by the time he comes home, the cats will be ready to move into the main part of the house.  I hope so, because otherwise I don't expect him to be very happy with me when he comes home and finds the Salmon brothers in his sink.

Before he left, my husband made me promise to not bring home any more cats.  He said that last time he left for military duty, he came home and the house was filled with cats.  I said okay, and told him I wouldn't bring home any except for the one special needs cat I had already offered to take.  I told him the cat was blind, but he came with his own seeing-eye cat.   Fortunately Simon's vision problems aren't as bad as I had feared, and he gets around my house just fine. Still, because he's been with his brother Sampson his whole life, and as you can see they are good friends, these will be two cats that are required to be adopted together. 

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JulieB said...

Oh my goodness, they are absolutely precious! Such handsome boys! Thank you for giving them a chance, they certainly deserve it. They look like sweeties and I'm glad that you are adopting them out together.