Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm in love...

Yes, again. This is my eight-week-old baby. She weighs three pounds. I call her my teacup Rottweiler. But really she's not a Rottweiler at all. She's a Pug/Min-Pin mix. We're guessing she might weigh around 20 pounds full-grown. She and her five littermates came into rescue a couple of weeks ago, and the rest of the litter was adopted on Saturday. So I took this last puppy home, and I have hardly been able to put her down. I even went home on my lunch hour yesterday to carry her around the house for 10 minutes before I had to leave again. Okay fine, I also went home because my husband is gone on a two-week military trip to California, and I had to let the other dogs outside...and because I accidentally left my purse at home and didn't have any money to buy lunch. But getting to see my puppy again was the real clincher in my decision to drive 40 extra miles on my lunch hour.

I love this puppy.  Here she is with some of her littermates, while at her previous foster home.

I begged her foster mom to let me take her on Saturday. The foster mom was getting in two new foster dogs that day. I could have offered to take one of them, if I really wanted to help her out. But I didn't. Didn't offer I mean, not that I didn't want to help her out. I didn't plan to take any new dogs since my husband was called out of town with his Army Reserve unit. I have a couple of dogs waiting to come in, but don't want to take them without him there since he is such a big help with them. We work different shifts so usually one of us is home all the time. And he is very good with them. So the plan was to not take any dogs until he came back. And then I saw this puppy. And that plan just went right out the window.

After all, Dave doesn't do puppies anyway. And she is so tiny that she isn't really much work. And she loves me - I know she does. So now she's here. Sitting on my lap as I type. And I'm in love.

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BerniceK said...


No need to drive 40 extra miles on your lunch hour - I can go over to your house and let the little puppy out!