Saturday, December 5, 2009

Raise money through Internet Searches; Poll Results

Here's a good way to raise money just by searching the Internet, or shopping online.  Go to, and enter your chosen cause (my cause is All Paws Rescue, Inc.)  Then if you want to shop, you can search by online store or by the product you want to buy.  Or if you just want to do a search for information on the Internet, go to, and type in your search criteria just like you would at Google or Yahoo.  Right now each search raises $0.02 for your chosen cause, and each purchase to a qualified store raises a percentage of the sale to your store.  So far I've raised over $25 for my chosen causes (because I like to shop online).  You can even install an toolbar to make sure that you don't forget to shop through their site.  The more people that use this, the more money your cause makes, and it doesn't cost you anything.  Currently has raised over $4 million for various causes!

And now, for the results of the poll. 

I decided to write a more in-depth blog post about a few subjects, and wanted to find out what you wanted to read about.  I didn't expect the results to be so close.  Now I can write about all of the subjects and know that at least one person out there will be interested!  But your favorite topic was about the challenges of fostering.  Which surprised me.  Because I thought that might sound like a depressing post.  But the great thing about this blog is that I can tell you the truth about my experiences, both the good and the bad.  I'm not trying to recruit anyone to a cause or to convince you of anything.  I just get to share my thoughts with anyone who cares to read them, and so if you want to hear all about the challenges I face with fostering, I will tell you.  In a few days.  First I'm going to post about some of the other topics.  Because I already started writing those blog posts and it's easier that way.  Thank you for your understanding.

P.S.  I like including pictures in my blog posts.  So I'm going to put in some random pictures of my previous foster pets in these upcoming in-depth blog posts.  They will have absolutely nothing to do with the posts, so don't bother trying to find a connection.  They just give you something to look at while you read.  Besides the text, I mean.  Nevermind.

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