Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ziggy is home!!!

Two days after being admitted to the animal hospital, Ziggy was doing much better and has been sent home with a lot of medicine. Three different kinds in fact. I think that no matter what is wrong with him, he's got some kind of medicine to fix him. And from the way he acts, you'd think he'd never felt bad. He's very energetic and happy to be home.

Ziggy is a special case. I believe he may be the most challenging dog I've ever fostered. He reminds me a lot of Noelle, and the challenges we faced with her. It's not just the fact that he's deaf, although that does make communication more difficult. It's that he is so determined and strong-willed. Plus he's a 16 week puppy that has never been taught any manners. Some are typical challenges we face with puppies like him - crate-training and teaching not to jump up or not to chew on people's hands and faces. Some are extra challenges. Like the fact that after I picked him up, he was supposed to leave on his bandage where the IV had been for one to two hours. And he got it off in 8 seconds on the drive home. Most puppies it would have taken at least a few minutes, thus giving me time to stop him in the act. Not him. He's something special... which means I'm sure I'll have many more Ziggy stories in the future.  Interesting for you, and scary for me. 

As for his vet bill, due to his amazing healing properties, and the great work of the e-clinic staff, Ziggy had a shorter stay than expected, so his vet bill is "only" $600.  And if you're able to donate anything to help pay for it, Ziggy will be eternally grateful (as will I). 


Anonymous said...

Way to go Laurie, way to go Ziggy. Great news that he is doing so much better. We are thinking about usibg his picture and a short story about him this weekend at Ofallon.
Kenny will put one on his happy tails board as he tries to get donations outside. And we will put anotehr back at photos with Santa with a donation jar. Are these the puppies from St Louis County?
Your friends,
Kenny and Holly

Laurie said...

Sorry for the late response, guys. Yes, that would be wonderful if we can use his picture for donations. Ziggy and Zara are the pups from St. Louis County.