Thursday, December 10, 2009

Re-Introducing Gandalf

Remember this cat? 

He's back. 

Apparently he missed me.  Which is okay, because I missed him too.  I am sad that his last adoptive home did not work out for him, but its nice to have him back.  It's like he never left - he is right back to shoving his face into mine to get my attention, and sitting on my keyboard anytime I try to type.  I will have to add that to my growing list of challenges I face as a foster parent.  Returns - and cats who refuse to sit anywhere except on top of the keyboard. 

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JulieB said...

Poor Gandalf! If only more people took the time to give animals a chance and attempt to resolve the issue rather than just throw in the towel and give up on them without even trying. I wonder if some people would treat their kids the same way they treat their pets? I'm just glad he's safe and back in the home he loves and knows. Good luck with finding him a home, let's hope the 2nd time is a charm!