Friday, December 18, 2009


I figured out who she reminds me of....

This dog. There's an uncanny resemblance there, don't you think? 

Fortunately Noelle grew into her big ears, so hopefully Zara will do the same! 

Oh, funny Noelle story.  For any new readers, this is Noelle, my deaf pit bull mix. 

   This morning as she woke up, she realized that Simon and Sampson were also sharing the bed.  She immediately stood up and began giving them her best tough dog glare.  Which was quite impressive, for the half of a second before she got a horrible case of the hiccups.  She tried to keep up the pretense, but the hiccups pretty much ruined it.  Poor Noelle - Simon and Sampson were not intimidated in the least.  It's tough trying to assert your authority as top dog with a bad case of hiccups. 

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