Friday, December 4, 2009

Blitzen and Comet

These are my Christmas cats.  Last year I had Christmas dogs (Noelle and Joy), so this year its the cats turn to be festive.  I was told these guys needed socialized.  This basically means they weren't used to humans, and needed some help to learn that humans are nice.  I quickly volunteered.  After all, I'm nice, at least I'm nice to cats, at least I try to be, so why not?  I have been holding them and playing with them and getting them used to dogs and other cats too.  They are doing great.  Blitzen is my favorite - he's the most outgoing, and the first to come to me, and the first to purr.  I'm still working on Comet. 

Comet is the fluffy one, and he's very skinny, but he eats a LOT.  He will purr when I give him food, but not when I hold him, at least not yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  I tell you, it's a tough job socializing adorable kittens, but someone has to do it.

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