Tuesday, September 15, 2009

50 cats!

That's how many I've fostered at my house over the past two years. To celebrate, I've decided to adopt my first cat foster.

That's a good excuse to adopt Merlin, don't you think? It's kind of ironic because I had also fostered just about 50 dogs (56 to be exact) when I decided to adopt Noelle. Now I can be a failed foster for both dogs and cats. I am so in love with Merlin - he's just wonderful. He's not only really cute, with incredibly soft hair that I could pet forever, but he also is so sweet and loving. He purrs constantly and he does great with other cats and with the dogs. I couldn't ask for a more perfect foster cat. It sort of balances out me adopting Noelle, whom I love dearly, but is somewhat less than a perfect foster dog. Merlin will stand up to Noelle which most cats won't do. She doesn't ever try to hurt them, but she sure does love to chase cats if they'll run from her. Merlin doesn't let her get away with that and he just lays there and looks at her until she gets bored and wanders away. He even cuddles with me at night. I love this cat.


JulieB said...

Congrats on your new addition, I knew you couldn't resist that sweet little face! :)

Johnna said...

When might you have a picture of the 3 little Angels that joined you?