Saturday, September 5, 2009

It only takes a minute...

I know it was exactly one minute, because I was playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, and the game only lasts 60 seconds.  Before I started the game, the living room was relatively clean, the floor had been just vaccuumed, and the dogs were laying quietly in the room.  I had my back to the living room and concentrated on my game as I heard the dogs begin to play together.  The game ended, and I turned around, to find Noelle, Remi and Tessa each had a corner of a pillow.  Anyone ever see a pillow fight do this much damage in only 60 seconds? 

It looked like a freak snowstorm came through my living room.  I am mostly amazed that the stuffing was scattered so uniformly across the floor.  How did they do that?!  I got the pillow away from them (what was left of it) and then decided to take a few pictures before cleaning it up. 
Noelle and Tessa just love to play together. They're evenly matched in size and weight and energy level, so they make great wrestling partners. Here they are wrestling in the living room immediately following the freak snowstorm.  
If they don't have a pillow to play with, they'll just pretend to kill each other.  It's lots of fun. 
In spite of the fact that Tessa generally defers to Noelle in the rest of their lives, when it comes to play time, Tessa almost always wins. 

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I know the feeling Laurie