Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The one on the left is mine...

I wouldn't be able to post these pictures if I was still trying to find Noelle a home.  Just look at her - tormenting poor Tessa - Tessa looks afraid for her life!
She's going for Tessa's throat - she shows no mercy. 
But wait, Tessa isn't going to take that lying down!  (Ignore the Great Dane in the background calmly munching on grass - he sort of ruins the effect).   
And now Tessa takes down Noelle (in a nice, calm, not scary way, since after all Tessa IS still looking for a home)
I call this Tessa's pirate look - she's so cute, especially compared to the scary dog next to her!
It's a good thing that we adopted Noelle, the scary dog on the left.  Because otherwise I'd never be able to show you these pictures, for fear that no one would ever want her.  But we love her, and we know she's really not scary at all.  Noelle and Tessa are best friends and just love playing together.  So what you just saw in these pictures is what I see every day - inside, outside, doesn't matter - as long as they can wrestle together, they're happy. 

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