Monday, October 5, 2009

Delta was adopted!

The last of the litter of nine puppies has been adopted!  And I went the whole weekend without taking in any new fosters!  I'm not sure which one I'm more excited about at this point. :-)  I did offer to take in a deaf Pomeranian - and maybe three more puppies.  And I was hoping to find room for a St. Bernard and a Rottweiler as well.  But I think the Pomeranian found another foster home, and I'm still waiting to hear about the puppies, and so far I haven't talked my husband into fostering another big dog yet. 

Lizzy, Scribbles and Gandalf all went to adoptions on Saturday.  Scribbles was actually pretty calm, considering the circumstances.  She did very well, and one person even successfully petted her while she was there!  There's hope for her yet.  None of my fosters were adopted, but there were a few other dogs and cats adopted, so that was exciting. 

On Sunday I took Champ, another All Paws foster dog, to the JDRF walk in Forest Park.  Since Lizzy isn't really crazy about crowds, especially with lots of kids running around, I borrowed a friend's foster dog for the day.  Champ is awesome - he's a Boxer mix who was perfect for the event.  Not only did he like all the people he met, and get along with the other dogs there, but he also kept that crazy Fredbird from getting too close. :-) 

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