Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Introducing Chenille and Dodger

You're not going to believe this.  I hardly believe it myself.  I took the four puppies to the vet this morning, and they all got pre-adopted!  No, not really.  The hard-to-believe news is actually that they said they can't neuter Bear yet.  They want to give him a little more time to finish, uh... maturing.  So they want me to hold onto him for three weeks and then they will recheck him at that time!  If I would have just waited one more day to talk about him, I never would have had to admit my embarrassing plan to keep him off the website.  Of course I was only planning on holding him an extra week - not an extra three weeks.  But I'm not complaining.  He's cute enough he'll still be very adoptable in three weeks, and that will give me some extra time to find him the perfect home (i.e. one who will send me regular updates on him). 

It's always scary offering to take foster pets sight-unseen.  Sometimes I am surprised by how adorable and sweet they are.  Sometimes I am surprised by how funny-looking or difficult they are. This week, I've had one of each. 

First is Chenille.  Someone who knew I have a soft spot for deaf dogs told me about a group looking for help with a deaf Pomeranian.  Of course small dogs aren't my thing, but deaf dogs are, so I said I'd take her.  I was told she was a senior dog, deaf, not house-trained, expected to be difficult to place - all in all, I expected the worst.  But then, thanks to a string of volunteers from Kansas City to St. Louis, this dog showed up. 

And not only did she turn out to be beautiful (thanks to a volunteer in Kansas City who got her groomed before sending her my way!) but also so very sweet.  She is a bit shy, and hides in her crate sometimes, but she also loves to be held and carried around.  She does great with kids, other dogs, and cats.  It's true she needs some work on house-training, but she's not going to be hard to adopt like I thought she might.  She's at the vet today being spayed and readied for adoption, so I will get her on the website and try to find her a home soon!

Sometimes the opposite happens.  A dog that sounds like a very easy adoption on paper turns out to be not so easy. I could be wrong.  I hope I'm wrong.  But when I was told a poodle mix who is already house-trained and good with other pets needed a temporary foster home, I thought I could get him adopted before he had to go to another longer-term foster home.  A poodle mix - how hard is that?  But here's Dodger, who showed up at my house last night:
It's not his fault he looks like a Dauschund/Poodle cross with bare spots in his thin fur.  It's not his fault he's missing a lot of teeth and has to eat soft food, or that he has allergies.  It's not his fault that he's probably younger than Chenille, but looks a lot older.  I just hope that someone can see what a great dog he really is and decide to adopt him in spite of those things! 

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