Thursday, October 1, 2009

Introducing Keisha and Trey

This is Keisha.  She's much cuter in person. I'll have to get a better picture of her for the website - but I didn't want to wait to introduce her so I took a quick photo of her this morning before work.  Keisha is a Maltese, weighs just under 6 pounds, and is very sweet.  I introduced her to the rest of the dogs this morning.  It was a bit crazy with six dogs running around the living room, but everyone got along very well. 
Keisha and her brother Trey came from a family who had to give them up due to economic circumstances.  They gave them to a friend who works at PetSmart and she contacted another one of my rescue friends who told me about them and asked if I could help.  I am sure these two cuties will be adopted very quickly - the hardest part of saving these dogs is just wading through the many applications we're sure to get on them to find the best homes.  I wish that was the hardest part for all dogs who need homes! 

This is Trey.  He's a cockapoo (cocker spaniel/poodle).  He weighs about 20 pounds, and he's two years old.  He's very friendly and happy all the time.  His biggest (only?) issue is because he's not neutered, and he just came into a house with a lot of interesting dog and cat smells, he wants to mark everything in sight.  So I have to keep a close eye on him all the time.  They'll both go to the vet to get spayed and neutered as soon as possible!  In the meantime, they're getting used to the new house and the other dogs and cats.  They actually lived with two pit bulls before, so I'm glad they're used to being around bigger dogs.  And I found it interesting that Noelle did fine with them immediately.  I guess she doesn't see them as much of a threat since they're so small! 
My house is now full!  Hopefully my next several posts will be announcing some adoptions very soon!! :-)

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