Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My life...

Again I should start with a disclaimer that not all foster homes are like mine.  In fact, most of them probably aren't anything like mine.  Which is lucky for them.  Because my house is totally crazy.  So to make you feel better about the things you haven't gotten to on your "To Do" list yet, let me share some of my life with you.

The grass always needs cut.  This means I am constantly posting pictures of my foster animals being practically hidden in the tall grass.  This is another good reason to foster only big dogs - they make the grass look shorter.  Don't they?  Let's just go with yes, they do.

The carpet always needs vacuumed.  Daily.  No, more like hourly.  This is so constantly on my to-do list that I never bother crossing it off.  If it's not the inside of a stuffed animal or pillow, it's something else.  Last night Lizzy ate a piece of paper where I'd written down the e-mail address of someone interested in adopting one of my foster kittens.  Only she left small bits of it lying around to be vacuumed up.  They were too small and mangled to be put back together - I know, because I tried. 

The floor always needs mopped.  I dare not post a picture of my own kitchen floor, so I am using this picture of my parent's kitchen floor as an example of how clean my floor will never be.  Sigh - I miss having a kitchen floor that stays clean for more than 4.8 seconds.

My life is a constant cycle of feeding, cleaning, petting, scooping litterboxes, doing laundry, chasing kittens, cleaning, throwing tennis balls, escaping for 9 hours at work, returning home to feed, clean, pet, play with, scoop, chase, and clean some more.  And I love every second of it.  Except the laundry part.  I don't love that at all. 

Tomorrow Keisha and Trey go to the vet to get spayed and neutered - hooray!  I have to get them into good permanent homes before the new puppies show up, and the new foster dog.  It turns out I am getting the deaf senior Pomeranian after all!  And four puppies.  I told my husband about the Pomeranian a few days ago.  I started out with the classic "how much do you love me" line... and it worked!  So today I snuck in the news about the new puppies.  He asked why the container of puppy food was still in the kitchen since none of our fosters are eating puppy food, and I said I just hadn't had time to move it yet, and it was okay to leave it there since I may be getting more puppies in a few days.  Then I rushed to say something else and he just kind of sighed and didn't ask me anything else.  I do appreciate what a wonderful husband I have!!!

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