Monday, October 12, 2009

Quick Update

There has been a lot going on this weekend and not much time to take pictures, so I'll post more details with pictures soon.  But just because I can't wait to share news with you, I had to tell you now. 

First, I have a new foster dog named Chenille.  She's the deaf Pomeranian I was waiting for.  She came in on Saturday from Kansas City!   She's beautiful and a little bit shy and great with other animals and loves to be held.  I'm guessing she'll be adopted right away, even though she's mostly deaf and older.   

Second, my foster puppies go to the vet tomorrow so they will be ready for adoption hopefully by this weekend.  Except for Bear.  I am doing an awful thing.  I'm going to list his three littermates on the website for adoption, but not him.  Don't tell anyone.  I am ashamed of myself.  But I can't help it - he's my favorite puppy ever.  And that's saying a lot, because I've had some pretty awesome puppies, including my own dog Noelle who I got at 4 months old.  I just can't bear to put Bear on the website yet (ha).  So first I'm going to try to find a home for him with someone I know.  Someone who will keep me updated on him and let me see him from time to time.  If you know of a really good home who may be interested in adopting the cutest, sweetest puppy ever, let me know.  Otherwise I'll put him on the website as soon as his littermates are adopted.  I have to make room for more puppies, even if it means giving up the best puppy ever.  He is so laid back - he let my niece carry him around like a baby for an hour last night and never wiggled or complained.  He's fluffy and cuddly and, well, you just have to meet him and I think you'd fall in love too. I'm sure I'll have more pictures of him soon too.

Third, I'm getting a new foster dog tonight.  It's another small dog - a poodle mix.  What's the deal with me and small dogs lately?  I have never been a small dog person, and with a 160 lb dog of my own, I never expected to foster small dogs because I was afraid they would get stepped on!  And yet my four most recent foster dogs are all small dogs.  At least they're always in high demand.  And they eat less than the big dogs.  Less poop to pick up too.  (Sorry).   I'll have more news on the new foster dog tomorrow I hope.

Fourth, and most exciting for me - I got an inquiry on adopting Scribbles!!!  I never thought it would happen.  I recently made a video of her though, and I think that caught someone's attention.  It's not a great video - but how do you make a great video of a cat who doesn't do anything?  It's not easy.  So at least it helped her be noticed.  It remains to be seen if the inquiry will lead to an application or an adoption, but stay tuned and you'll know when I know!  Now I'm motivated to go make videos of all my hard-to-adopt pets.  Artemis and Lizzy are next on my list!   If you're a foster mom or dad for pets, I highly recommend making a video of your hard-to-place foster pets to help them get adopted.  Here are some tips from  And if you don't have a video camera but can get your fosters to me, I'd be glad to make a video of them for you.  I'll help any group, with any pet, as long as you promise not to expect much.  :-)

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