Thursday, October 8, 2009

Introducing Snoopy, Skye, Sonic and Bear

Yesterday I took in four new puppies.  They were covered in fleas and had so many worms that they were coming out everywhere.  They vomited worms for 8 hours after I dewormed them, poor things.  Today they're feeling much better, and after their deworming and flea medication, they look much better too!  If you want to see really gross pictures of what I got to clean up, click here.  But I'm warning you, you really don't want to see them. 

So I'll show you pictures of adorable, clean puppies instead! 

This is Snoopy.  He's my favorite.  My husband named him.  He is sweet and cuddly and always just wants to crawl on my lap for petting. 

Next is his sister Skye.  She looks a lot like Snoopy only she has brown ears.  She's my favorite.  She's got the cutest little bark, and even though she's the smallest, she was the first to step up when the other dogs came around and bark at them to let them know she wasn't afraid. 

Next is my favorite puppy - Sonic.  He looks like he might have some German Shepherd in him.  The mom of the litter was said to be a Spaniel/Border Collie mix, and the dad was unknown.  I have no idea how big these puppies will get, or what all they're actually mixed with.  But that's part of the fun of having a pure-bred Mutt puppy - waiting to see how they turn out! 

And last (but definitely not least) is Bear. He's not my favorite. He is too cute and cuddly and roly-poly to be my favorite.  I hate it when my favorite puppy or kitten is the first in the litter to be adopted, so I am definitely not making this one my favorite. 
And just in case you clicked on the link to the really gross pictures, I'll leave you with one more picture of Bear to try to make up for it. 

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