Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Puppy Bowl Trip - Part 1

Today and tomorrow we will have a special guest blogger - my foster puppy Bear!

Hi, this is Bear. We got back last night from the taping of the Puppy Bowl VI at Discovery Studios in Silver Spring, Maryland, and my mommy says I get to tell you all about our trip. Mommy and Grandma Sue and I left on Saturday morning at 6:00 AM. I was determined to make sure my mommy didn't oversleep so I started barking by 5:00 AM to make sure she woke up on time!! We left on time, and it was a 14 hour drive, but I slept almost the entire way to Maryland! Mommy was very proud of me - she said I was perfect in the car. I didn't need to stop very often, and I never whined or barked. I just hung out in my puppy crate and napped a lot.

Saturday night we got to our hotel and checked in. Discovery Studios had left a package for Mommy and Grandma, and they were excited to get some goodies from the studio, like mousepads and t-shirts. They didn't leave anything for me. We went for a walk and then went inside and I explored the hotel room. I had a lot of fun, until I discovered another puppy in the room with us!!

At first I just stopped and stared. Had the studio left some goodies for me and this dog ate them before I got there??? I looked suspiciously at this other dog... and then I walked toward him, and he walked toward me. I tried to sniff him, but something kept blocking me. I was very confused, so I pawed at him and he pawed back at me.

Then I did a play bow, and he did too, so I thought maybe we could be friends! But something like a glass wall kept blocking me from getting to him - it was very frustrating. Mommy kept taking pictures of me and laughing at me, and she called my grandma to come see the other puppy too. Then mommy said it was just a mirror and there was no other puppy, but I could see him there right in front of me! Pretty soon my grandma distracted me with a toy and I forgot all about the other puppy. We played a little bit and then I went to sleep. My mommy let me sleep in bed with her!! She said this was so I would be quiet and not disturb the other hotel guests. I wish we stayed in a hotel every night.

I woke up at 2:00 AM and mommy took me outside, and then we came back in and she wanted to go back to sleep but I was ready to play! So I played with my toys until mommy finally got up, and she said it was time for the Puppy Bowl!  Here is a picture of me practicing. 

I have to go now - Mommy said she has work to do now, but I can tell you the rest of the story tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Oh No. A cliffhanger. Just like on TV. Can't wait to hear more!
Your friends, Kenny and Holly