Thursday, October 29, 2009

Puppy Bowl Trip - Part 2

The following post is written by my foster puppy Bear (really!) about his trip to the Puppy Bowl last weekend.

On Sunday morning we got to Discovery Studios where lots of people wanted to pet me.  My mommy had to fill out some forms and then we went and met a veterinarian.  She did some poking and prodding and took my temperature and then said I could play football!  I remembered how when we played football at home, mommy and Aunt Bernice gave me a little stuffed football with peanut butter on it, and I carried it all over the room.  It was a lot of fun.  So I was excited to play football again!

We went to this big room they called the green room, but mommy said it wasn't really green.  There were a lot of other puppies there!  My mommy took lots of pictures to show you, but the studio said she can't show you any of them until the show airs in February, so I will just have to tell you what I saw instead.  There were lots of puppy pens with puppies inside, and mommy let me go in and meet the other puppies who were also there to play football.  Some of the puppies were really nice, but a few of them were big and kind of scary.  I visited with them for awhile and then they called me to get a head shot.  That sounded a little scary, but all it meant was they took me someplace and set me on a table and took a bunch of pictures of me.  I was used to mommy taking my picture so it wasn't too bad.  Then they let me go back to mommy and we went back to the green room to wait.  Finally, it was my turn for football.  The set was very small so only puppies were allowed in - no foster mommies or daddies.  So they took me away from mommy and put me on this field with a bunch of other puppies and a bunch of toys.  It was very bright, with a lot of lights, and people I didn't know standing around, and other puppies running and playing.  There was no peanut butter in sight.  A guy in a white and black striped shirt picked me up and introduced me to the camera, and then put me right into the big field full of puppies!  I was a little bit scared, until I saw two of my friends that I had met in the green room earlier.  Sunny and Nutmeg were just my size, and they were very fluffy like me.  They had driven in from Georgia the night before, and then stayed up all night playing so they were sleepy.  And I think they were a little scared of the bigger puppies also, so they had curled up by the end zone under the goal post and took a nap!!  That looked like a safe place, so I decided to join them.  So I laid there and watched the other puppies play.  One time I got up and got a drink of water, but then I went back to where it was safe by my new friends.  I stayed there the whole time, until they finally decided to let me go back to mommy in the green room.  Then I felt much better. 

Mommy and I watched some TV screens in the green room and saw the other puppies playing football.  One of the puppies is named Tonka, and he looks a lot like me!  On the field there was a water bowl with a camera underneath, and one time they took out the water bowl to refill it, and a puppy fell into the hole!  Mommy thought that was very funny.  I was just glad it wasn't me.  I knew that football field was dangerous.  After awhile, they finished with the rest of the puppies and asked us to line up to go out onto the field one at a time for a starting lineup shot.  They put each puppy in a tunnel and wanted them to run across the field while they had spotlights shining on them for their introduction.  I watched a few other puppies do it, then it was my turn.  But when they put me in the tunnel I got really scared and refused to move.  Then they gave me a little push onto the field, and the lights were so bright so I just stood there while people called me and I didn't move.  After a few tries, they asked mommy to take me and try again later.  So we waited awhile, and then mommy took me back in.  This time they let her get on the field and call me, because she said then I wouldn't be scared and I would run right to her.  So they put me in the tunnel, and mommy called me from the other side of the field, and I was still scared so I looked at her and then I just sat down where I was.  Then one of the other people in the room said she wasn't really my mommy, and everyone laughed.  But I still wouldn't move because it was too scary!  Finally I walked over to her and they said that was good enough, so I was happy because I didn't have to go back on the field anymore.  And then they gave Mommy and Grandma each a t-shirt and we got to go home! 

So that was my Puppy Bowl trip.  It will be on TV in February, the day of the Super Bowl.  Mommy says she isn't sure if I will be on TV or not, but it will be fun to watch and see.  And once it gets here she can share some pictures with you from the event.

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