Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Tired Of...

I just purchased this bracelet.  It says "I'm Tired Of Homeless Animals."  Half of the purchase price will be donated to the Cesar and Ilusion Millan Foundation.  I'm not a fan of Cesar's training methods, but his foundation not only promotes the need to spay/neuter animals, but also helps non-profit animal shelters and rescue groups around the country - and that is worth supporting. 

The company I'm Tired Of... who is selling these bracelets (made of recycled tires) also sells a variety of other bracelets and various products to raise money for a lot of different causes.  They have items to support Best Friends Animal Society (I'm Tired Of Animal Cruelty) and Last Chance for Animals (I'm Tired of Puppy Mills).  They also support causes other than animals, like cancer, world hunger, AIDS, and diabetes.  You can visit their website to see if they support a cause you care about. 

I had a hard time deciding which cause to support.  I was going to support one for Haiti, but when I saw the one that said "I'm Tired Of Homeless Animals", I just couldn't resist it.  It is so appropriate for me.  Because not only am I tired of people dumping their animals when they don't want them anymore, but sometimes...just occasionally... I get tired of taking care of those homeless animals!   I'm pretty sure I should have bought one for my husband Dave also.  Because there's no question that he is very tired of homeless animals.


hero said...

Bless you... for the happiness you have given those unfortunate animals.

Licks, hero

Amy and The House of Cats said...

We have seen these before but we had forgotten about them (we couldn't afford one at the time we saw them) so I am very glad you mentioned these!

And we are tired of people treating animals so poorly too - and we do understand why you would get tired of taking care of homeless animals sometimes, but we know that they really appreciate it - and we appreciate you doing it too!