Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mango Minster

Remi and Noelle have told me that I’ve been writing about my foster animals too much – especially cats. Noelle said that cats are only good for chasing, and Remi said that he is much more handsome than any scrawny little cat. I explained to them that since Remi only sleeps on the couch, and Noelle only causes trouble, I couldn’t write about them all the time. And then I received the worst news I’ve heard all week.

I have just been informed that Noelle is working on her own blog post. She found this dog show called Mango Minster that she is very excited to enter. I thought this was a good idea at first. After all, since Noelle is deaf, she would never be allowed to compete in the Westminster dog show. Well, that plus the fact that she has no papers to prove she’s a purebred… and for that matter she probably isn’t even a purebred at all. Plus if she ever got to go to a real dog show, she would immediately be thrown out for bad behavior. But then I found out more about the Mango Minster show. They have a category called Bad Sports. So of course that is Noelle's category. And as part of the competition, she wants to write about all of her bad behavior!

I told her I couldn’t allow this. I’m supposed to be knowledgeable about dogs. I’m supposed to have well trained dogs that always behave. If she wrote about all of her bad behavior, no one would ever take me seriously again. But she insisted. And Noelle can be very, umm, demanding at times. She says that is more proof that she is perfect for the Bad Sport category. So I relented and said she could write a blog post. But I wouldn’t like it. I know it will take her a few days to write down all of her bad behavior, so maybe by then I can distract her with something else… like a cat to chase. It’s worth a try.

Remi is also thinking about entering the Mango Minster show. He thinks if there were a Tallest Dog category, he could win. But since there isn’t, he is probably going to enter the Hard Working Dogs category. I tried to convince him that sleeping on the couch was not hard work, but he claims that putting up with all the foster animals I bring home is the hardest work there is. And I just can’t argue with that.

Merlin wanted to enter the Cat-Dog competition, but Remi threatened to sit on him and Noelle threatened to eat him (Bad Dog!) so he withdrew his entry. If you have your own pets who would like to participate, check out the Mango Minster show, and tell Mango that Noelle and Remi said hi!


Amy and The House of Cats said...

We think it is great you are entering - we are thinking about entering as "cat dogs". We think that if Noelle is interested she could come over to our Naughty Kitty Club and be an honorary member - that is the catagory for dogs who are naughty (so it is like they are an honorary kitty). We haven't gotten any dog members yet (but we want some) so she would be the first. But of course, if she is too bad, that is different - most of our members are more of a mischevious naughty. But we are guessing that is what she is too.

BerniceK said...

Should I enter my two rascals?

Dog Foster Mom said...

Amy - you should definitely enter the Cat Dog category. And Noelle will definitely check out your Naughty Kitty Club - she thinks it is a great honor to be asked to be an honorary member. But you may change her mind once your read her blog post, and decide she is not qualified.

Bernice - I should have mentioned that in order to enter, your dogs have to have their own blog. Remi and Noelle are both claiming that this is THEIR blog (hence the need for them to have their own posts). Remi says since he was here first, it is his, and Noelle says since she wants it, it is hers. Either way, the blog is being taken over by my pets. You should let Murphy and Lexi start their own blog. I think Lexi's posts would sound a lot like Noelle's!

Anonymous said...

Laurie, I think you must be the BEST dog/cat foster mom in the world!! I love your blog and read it almost every day. Grandma