Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fostering always brings mixed feelings.

Today I don't know whether to be discouraged or excited. 
It is Saturday morning.  I haven't even packed up the crates and supplies for PetSmart yet, much less loaded any animals into the car, and already I'm trying to figure out how to fit in not only all the current fosters, but also leave room for the two new cats I will be bringing home with me.  Yep, sadly it appears I will be coming home with two more animals than I started with.  This is a bad start for a day where I am trying to get animals adopted! 

But as discouraging as that is to start off with, I must admit I am very excited about the two cats I'm bringing home.  That's because one is a Persian and the other is a Himalayan.  My first real purebred cat fosters!   The Persian is Babette, the cat I posted about a few days ago.  She was adopted into a home with other cats, and her new mom thinks that she will be better off in a home with no other cats.  So she'll probably go back to her original foster home in a few days, but at least for now I get to keep her at my house.  The other cat is a Himalayan.  Himalayans are actually also Persian cats - in fact, they're the most popular type of Persian cat.  So I don't expect to have him long either - but I'm very excited to foster my first Himalayan cat. 

In spite of my ongoing fascination with purebred cats, I am the proud owner of a Domestic Medium Hair cat, and wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.  This is my cat Merlin.  He came from a shelter.  He wasn't born in a fancy house or cattery.  He's just a stray who spent the first six weeks of his life as another unwanted kitten, and the next four weeks of his life living in a small cage at a city shelter.  And then I discovered him there and quickly fell in love.  I only lasted a couple of weeks as his foster home before I gave up and adopted him.  He never even made it to an adoption event, which is probably why whenever I load the cats up for adoption, the rest of the cats try to hide, while he tries to climb into the carrier.  I love this cat. 

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Mountain Life said...

So glad to find this blog! We are moving in the direction of opening a foster program for giant dogs - mastiffs, etc - I love your blog