Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Introducing Harley and Babette

Harley is a Himalayan cat, around 5 years old.  Due to allergies, his family wasn't able to keep him any longer, and they asked for help in finding him a good home.  He's a purebred Himalayan, and he's declawed, so I think the hardest part about fostering him will be sorting through the many applications he is sure to receive.  That, and trying to keep him happy at my house while he waits for that perfect home.  He's never lived with other pets before - poor guy doesn't know what is happening to him!  But he is still sweet and friendly, and lets me visit and pet him.  I'm keeping the dogs and other cats away from him right now, so he can adjust to them slowly. 

My other new foster cat, Babette the Persian cat, is also starting to slowly adjust to her new surroundings.  In this picture she's hiding under a bookshelf, but that was because she was scared of the camera.  So I stopped taking pictures and started just petting her, and she seemed to enjoy that.  Even though she never did purr, and she does still seem to glare at me on a regular basis.  Except when I give her canned food - then she seems to like me a little better.  So now I'm giving her canned food every chance I get. 


Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh they are both cuties - I am sure they will find good homes quickly. And for Babette, well, Persians do often have that kind of glaring look, even when they are happy.

BerniceK said...

they are beautimous! Even if I don't get along with long haired cats!