Thursday, January 7, 2010


Not the city... the dog.  Phoenix is her name. 
I love this dog.  She has some very special doggie qualities: 
- She is always happy to see me.
- She looks at me like I'm her favorite person.  (She looks at anyone willing to pet her the same way - and since I'm always willing to pet her when I see her, I just might be one of her favorite people!) 
- She can happily lay on her back and get a tummy rub for hours!

As wonderful as she is, Phoenix has still not found the right home.  She prefers to have all of the attention to herself, and therefore needs a home without other dogs - or at least a home where the dogs will leave her alone!  She also thinks cats are snacks.  Really fun, edible squeaky toys.  They're not - but you can't convince her of that!  Therefore, Phoenix has not had a lot of luck finding a home at PetSmart.  Oddly enough, the majority of people who go to PetSmart already have other dogs or cats, so they aren't interested in adopting a dog who would like to be an only pet. 

They don't know what they're missing.  Phoenix is awesome.  She's the kind of dog that makes you feel good every time you see her.  Because she is always happy to see you!  She's a couch potato most of the time, although she does like to go out and run occasionally.  She's house-trained and at four years old, she's well past the chewy puppy stage.  Why do I tell you all this?  Because although Phoenix is currently in a wonderful foster home, her foster mom will be traveling a lot during the month of February, and Phoenix needs to find another temporary home for the month.  Can you help?  Maybe spread the word to friends or family who don't have any pets?  Phoenix is a great short-term foster dog - a very easy dog to try out for a month, for someone thinking they may want a dog.  And even if they don't want a dog, if they're willing to keep Phoenix just for the very short month of February, that would be a great opportunity to help out a local pet rescue group - and a very special dog.  If you'd like more information on being a temporary foster home for Phoenix, please contact me

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That is a real nice story Laurie!
Your friends,
Kenny and Holly