Monday, November 16, 2009

All Paws Adoption Events

We have fun at our adoption events.  We throw balls for the dogs to see how well they can catch them.  This is Shady.  He looooooves his ball. 

Sometimes we dress up the dogs in fun collars.  This is Morty.  He's getting a head start on the holidays with his cute Santa scarf.  I hope he finds a home in time for Christmas! 

This is Beckett.  I love this dog. 

Doesn't she look like she's having fun?

This is Momma Mia.  She seemed to be saying "How embarrassing. They make me wear this silly collar and sit in this chair just to take my picture."  Secretly I think she liked it. 

Sometimes when we're really bored we wrap up a dog's head in bandages and ask for money to have his ear sewn back on. 

I'm kidding!!!!  Unfortunately Bobby Hill had a small run-in with another dog and had to have his ear bandaged up.  Here's a picture of his nemesis:

Okay - so the other guy didn't really look like that... but I bet in Bobby Hill's mind he does!


Anonymous said...

on top of being a great foster mom, you are also a comedian. My my my the talents you possess.

Anonymous said...

Hey,You should have seen the other guy!
Bobby Hill
All Paws Rescue