Sunday, November 15, 2009

Farley was adopted!

Yes it's true.  I have adopted out all four of my foster dogs this week.  I want to be happy about it.  I'm trying to be happy about it.  In fact, part of me IS happy about it.  I am glad that each dog found a home that will hopefully last forever.  But there's always a part of me that worries when a dog is adopted.  I worry that the family won't know what that dog needs, or that the dog will be scared in its new home.  I can't handle worrying about four dogs at once - especially since three of them are hard-to-place dogs.  They weren't supposed to all find homes in the same week!  I can't stand it.  I'm pathetic.  If you adopted Lizzy, Bear, Dodger or Farley, and you're reading this, PLEASE let me know if they're doing okay. 

Okay, on to details about Farley.  Farley was awesome - he got a ton of attention all weekend, and everyone loved him.  Many people were impressed that he was so well behaved and knew so many obedience commands in spite of the fact that he is deaf.  It was a great educational opportunity to teach people a little bit about deaf dogs.  I can't take any credit for his training - he went through the Humane Society of Missouri's shelter dog training program and learned basic obedience such as "sit" and "down" through sign language from their classes.  They did an awesome job with him! 

Farley went home with a very nice couple.  The wife met him on Saturday, then talked about nothing else to her husband all day on Saturday and Sunday, so on Sunday they came back up to PetSmart and adopted him.  I think he will be very loved in his new home. 

We had one other dog adoption this weekend.  Bistro, an American Bulldog, found his new home as well! 


Amanda said...

That is just amazing to me that you had so many go in the same week! =) They are beautiful dogs, great pics. Bless your heart for all the good work you do with the dogs.

Oh and Bistro has to be one of the cutest dog names I've heard in quite a while. HA!

BerniceK said...

You Go Girl and don't worry - now you can go off to your Thanksgiving knowing what a wonderful person you are. Don't forget to thank the good Lord for bringing you families, all in one week. God Bless You Laurie.

Laurie said...

Thank you both for the comments. :-) I'm happy to report that I've heard from Bear, Lizzy and Farley's new families and they're all doing well. I can worry a little less now!