Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beta Testers Needed

I like saying that.  Beta Testers Needed.  It makes me feel important, and smart.  Like I know what I'm talking about.  I really don't.  But please don't tell anyone - I think I have a few people fooled.  I know nothing about html or programming or creating websites or setting up domains.  But I am good at research.  Google is my friend.  Actually, Isearchigive is my friend.  It's like Google, only every time I search I raise money for All Paws Rescue.  I'm becoming quite a big earner for them with all the research I do. 

My latest research project was how to create a website.  So now I get to ask for beta testers for the website I created, on the new domain I set up, all without any clue of what I was doing.  This is why I need testers.  I found out a website will look different on each screen depending on the resolution, and what browser each person is using to view the website.  Don't worry, you can be a beta tester without knowing anything about what I'm talking about.  All you have to do is go to this website, and tell me how it looks.  Is the writing too small?  Are the pictures too big?  Did I misspell anything?  Are there extra spaces that shouldn't be there, or extra pictures or characters that don't belong?  And while you're at it, feel free to offer suggestions for improvement.  This is not yet an official All Paws Rescue website, although it may someday become one, so I'd like any input you can offer to make it the best website it can be, given that its being created by someone with absolutely no knowledge of html or css or any of those other goofy letters that mean something to web programmers.  Oh yeah, and you might want to check for run-on sentences while you're at it.

How to Beta Test
1.  Go to
2.  Pretend you're wanting to adopt a pet.  Or wanting to donate.  Or wanting to turn in a pet.  Or get a pet spayed/neutered.  Or any of the other reasons people visit a rescue group's website. 
3.  Check out the various pages.  Fill out the forms (just put BETA TESTER in for your name!).  Send a test e-mail.  Do anything you would do if this were a real web page - but if you donate, you will be donating your own real money, so keep that in mind!  After trying out all the features you want to test, let me know the results!
4.  Send errors, suggestions, etc via e-mail to

Thank you!


JulieB said...

Great job at putting this together! My only suggestion would be to add a "how to help" page for potential fosters/volunteers. You may even want to include a volunteer application to speed up the process. Looks great though, very easy to read and follow.

Michelle said...

Great Job! Everything looked organized and was in a good readable format. Only suggestion I would have is to add some adoptable pet photos on the first page (sort of like on your blog - you have the "Top Ten Most Wanted"). Of course that's only a suggestion, the page looks great already.

Give yourself a pat on the back for all that you do for the animals!