Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pawsta for Pets

Pawsta for Pets was held last Sunday night.  There was a lot of really good food.  This is my nephew Jack munching on a breadstick. 

There was a Giving Tree, covered with ornaments of current foster pets, where people could donate an amount to help provide food or vaccinations or other necessary items.  This ornament is for Scribbles, my long-time foster cat. 

There was a wheelbarrow full of booze.  Raffle tickets were sold.  This was very popular. 

There were a lot of silent auction items. I came home with five of them. I would like to claim they are all birthday or Christmas presents, but I can't.

There was an oral auction.  I really wanted this item.  I made my husband bid on it for me. I love Peanuts.  The train could go inside or outside, and it had lights and smoke - it was so cool.

I didn't win the train, so I went and bid higher on some more silent auction items. After all, it was for a good cause.

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