Monday, November 9, 2009

Roger Dodger

My foster dog Dodger wins the award this month for "Most Improved".  He came to my house when another foster volunteer had a family emergency and couldn't keep him any longer.  I didn't plan to keep him long, and quite honestly he wasn't my favorite dog at first.  He was funny-looking, and he barked too often, too loudly, and was rather demanding.  He was always itchy and had to eat canned food, and he was really just a lot of work.  He lifted his leg in the house often, and tried to push around the bigger dogs, which included every dog in the house, since he only weighs 15 pounds!  Suffice it to say that I was counting the days until his original foster mom could take him back. 

But then he settled in to the new place, and stopped being quite so demanding. His skin allergies went away, and his hair started growing out more. He started eating dry food, and he stopped marking in the house. He still pushes the other dogs around, and still has a very loud bark, but he doesn't use it as often as he used to.  Which is good, because it appears I'm stuck with this dog until he's adopted.  His first foster mom can't take him back, but I'm happy to say I don't mind so much anymore.  He kind of grows on you after awhile. 

But just for the record... sometimes... he's still funny-looking. 

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