Friday, November 20, 2009

Update on Orca and Chenille

This is my foster kitten Orca, all curled up in her crate during adoptions at PetSmart last week.  She's the last one left of the Black/White Sea Creature litter (wow, I really need to come up with a shorter description of Penguin, Puffin and Orca as a group.)  Anyway, she's been going to adoption events for a month now and still hasn't been adopted.  This amazes me since she's so tiny and sweet and perfect.  I love this kitten. 
She loves to climb on my lap and just lay there and purr for hours.  She also plays really well with the other cats, and as you can see, her and my cat Merlin have become close friends.  They are sitting here on my computer chair waiting for me to get back and cuddle with them some more.  Don't they look impatient?  No really, they do.  They miss me, I know it. 
This week I've had Chenille, my previous foster Pomeranian, back for a visit, and last night both her and Orca were curled up on my lap together.  Fortunately they're both very small!   

Chenille is living at another foster home who plans to adopt her once she is ready for adoption.  She's had some health issues so for now she is still a foster dog.  I enjoyed having her stay with me this week.  I am waiting until after Thanksgiving to take in any new foster pets, and it'll be very strange to come home to only Remi, Noelle and the cats.  Fortunately Chenille has been there this week to make things easier on me.  And I already know who I'm taking in next (stay tuned tomorrow!) so I have some new fosters to look forward to in about a week. 

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Julie M said...

If only I could I would take Orca in. We love Puffin so much and I'm sure Orca is just as loveable as her. I hope she finds a home soon!