Friday, November 27, 2009


This is Daisy and her eight puppies - Czar, Pumpkin, Martin, Cutie Pie, Elizabeth, Little Home G, Charles and Becky.  Daisy was found searching through a dumpster trying to find enough food to eat.  She is incredibly skinny, and it's amazing that her puppies are as fat and healthy as they are. 

Daisy and her puppies are now safe in foster care and they are being spoiled rotten. 

The family who is fostering them has kids - and they have friends - and last time I talked to the foster mom she said there were eleven people at her house taking care of the puppies right then... and there are only eight puppies!  These have got to be some of the best-socialized, best-trained puppies ever.

Daisy has gorgeous blue eyes, and it looks like her puppies may have inherited the same color eyes.  Most of the puppies have blue eyes, but three of them have one blue eye and one gray eye.  There are five girls and three boys. 

Here is Darean, showing she is up for the challenge of caring for the puppies!

This is Tiara with Daisy.  

And here is Mika with Pumpkin.

I love hearing about puppies who are lucky enough to end up like this.  There are so many out there right now, alone and without adequate food or shelter.  The good news is tonight there are eight less puppies shivering in the cold, and one less momma dog digging in a dumpster to find enough food to eat.  So thank you to Melanie and her family, and to the workers and volunteers at the St. Charles County Pet Adoption Center who made this possible! 

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sandy said...

Wow! can you believe that "Tiara" is now Tara? She lives in New Britain, CT
We adopted her on June 19th. What a surprise to see her picture and, her puppies.

So, is she from Tennesse or is she from From where you are?

Did she get previously adopted?

All I can tell you is that we are very happy with her and, she is a wonderful girl. Getting very very spoiled and looking great.

Please email me if you can or contact me on facebook.

Millie Arzuaga.

You will know it's me because, i am pictured on my facebook profile with her.